1. Name :

The name of the organisation shall be ‘’Bharatheeya Kalalayam, Switzerland’’.

2. Address :

The address of the organisation shall be Brunnenstrasse 31a, 8610 Uster, Switzerland.

3. Organisational structure :

Bharatheeya Kalalayam is a non-political, non-profit oriented organisation created for the socio-cultural development of Malayalees residing in Switzerland. This organisation shall have members and the members elect an executive committee to run the activities of the organization.

4. Objectives :

5. Member :

A member of Bharatheeya Kalalayam shall be an individual or a family of those Malayalees residing in Switzerland who agree and abide to the By-Laws of Bharatheeya Kalalayam. A member shall be willing to extend his/ her talents to achieve the objectives of Bharatheeya Kalalayam. The membership shall be considered as life membership. A member shall become non-member by means of his personal resignation, dismissal owing to disciplinary actions or eventually in case of dissolving the Bharatheeya kalalayam.

Membership fees: The membership fee shall be set at SFr. 100.—

6. General Body :

As all the office bearers were elected by the General body , the General body (herefrom mentioned GB) which is the supreme authority, has the right and responsibility to question and demand explanations and clarifications from any of the following office bearers including chairman.

6.1.Chairmann /Chairperson:

Head of the association. Has all rights and responsibilities exercised by all office bearers and that of any member. Has the right to interefere in all matters concering the association, preside the meeting. Produce final judgement in case of disputes. Right to enquire and ask reports of developments of the projects(programme preparations) to any office bearers or members. Can stop and veto any acts, which seems to be against the interest of BKS or obstruct or endanger the common interest.

6.2.Vice Chairman/Vice Chairperson:

is the second head of the asscociation: to exercise the rights and responsibilities that of Chairmann in his absence.


has the next rank after Chairmann and vice-chairman. Has the right to demand development report of the projects running or planning from any office bearers or members and should be reported to the chairman as and when needed or demanded by him/her External and internal communications should be carried out by the secretary and can be assigned to P.R.O if it is needed.

6.4.Joint secretary:

has the next rank. should be acted in the absence of secretary


has the next rank after the Secretary. Duties : Present the financial accounts of the association, get it approved by the executive at first and then by the GBM after getting audited by the official auditior of the association. The bills which exeed the budget can be rejected , but has to be paid, when it is approved by the GBM. Bills to be presented not later than two months by whom expended it. Prepare budget for the upcoming programmes.

6.6 .Prgramme-Co-ordinators:

Has the right to interefere in all programmes(or as decided by executive) and projects runnig and planning. They are supposed to plan the complete programme sequence and get it approved by the executive before launching. He has the right to alter the order of the programmes, if it is unavoidable, but inorder to avoid or reject any items already agreed, there should be the consent of the chairman or secretary. They can allot the persons(members), whom they find appropriate for the job he sees apt to be assigned.

All other office bearers have the same rank with different duties and responsibilities.

6.7 .P.R.O: (Public Relations Officer)

Has to act always in accordance with the instructions of the Chairman and the Secretary or either. He is responsible for publicity and giving news and photos provided these are approved by either secretary or Chairman, to the Medias. Can make external contacts to get publicity or contributions, distribute notices in the public. He should not make any statements about the association externally, which are not discussed and approved by the Chairman or secretary or which is in anyway against his interest of the association or endanger the common interest. All the external mail contacts should approved and be with cc to chairman and secretary.
All other executive members have the same rank.

6.8 Music co-ordinators: having equal right and responsibilities.

Has the right to make suggestions and recommendations for the betterment of quality in music presentation, right and responsibility to conduct the ongoing music class, organise practice, conduct and liaise with the music teachers, parents, secretary, Chairman, Programme co-ordinators etc.. Has the right to decide the sequence of the music programmes.

6.9 Drama Co-ordinator:

Has the right to select themes for drama or similar projects. Select the participants (always first priority to the members, if not available invite from outside the association. Has the duty to liaise with the, secretary, chairman etc.

6.10 Dance Co-coordinators: having equal right and responsibilities.

Has the right to make suggestions to modify the performance standards. Include and inform the interested membes at first. Outsiders can be invited only if there are no sufficient member. Participants. Dance classes should be under the dance co-ordinators. It is their responsibility to see the dance classes are running properly and punctually. Has the duty to liaise with the, secretary, chairman etc.

6.11. Website maintanener: (optional)

He has the right and responsibility of updating the website as and when suggested by the secretary or Chairman. Only three persons: Web-maintainer, Secretary and Chairman should have the administrative password of the website and only these three persons have the rights and responsible for updates: Mails receiving through website can be connected to chairman, secretary, Treasurer, programme co-ordinators and P.RO.

6.12. Executive Members

Rest of the executive members have the equal rights and responsibilities to support the above mentioned office bearers as and when demanded by any of them. Has the duty to liaise with the, secretary, chairman etc.

7. Funds :

Membership fees shall form the primary means of operational fund. Additional funds shall be generated by sponsoring or organising stage programmes. Minimum fees shall be collected from participants of various classes to meet its expenses.

8. Meetings :

There shall be a minimum of two general body meetings per calendar year. Operational reports and financial statements shall form an integral part of these meetings. The chairman in conjunction with the executive committee shall call extra meetings members as and when found necessary. The executive committee shall meet from time to time as and when found necessary for organisational matters.

Organisational decisions shall be taken in general body meetings with majority consensus. In case of disputes, the chairman shall have the power to take decisions in line with the cause and objectives of Bharatheeya Kalalayam.

BKS = Bharatheeya Kalalayam Switzerland,
GB= General Body ,
GBM= General Body Meeting